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Marriage Manual

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Michael H. Brown's newest book:
American Women Are Crazy

Based on the 65 year old author's experiences, this valuable new book is sure to save American men:

a mountain of grief
a ton of money
and the myriad of hassles known in American marriage today.

Written in Brown's usual witty, and frequently outrageous style, the 4 Appendices at the end of the volume will alone be worth the price of admission.

Brown's tome is based on hard personal experience, many of them the author's, plus anecdotes from others. The chapters and information written by ladies are sure to get the attention of all marriage-minded men.

Guaranteed to be the most politically incorrect marriage manual for men published to date.

Bolt your socks to your shoes, America, Michael H. Brown is back and at it again, skewering some of your, and our, most sacred cows.

Enjoy the cook-out.

** Table of Contents **

1. A Society Full of Insanity
2. Selective Amnesia
3. The Tip of the Iceberg
4. Women Who Won't Take Correction
5. Chemical Crutches
6. Garbage In... Garbage Out
7. Man-Haters
8. Manipulators:
     The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
9. Background and Culture
10. Bitchy Bossy Bimbos
11. Failure To Communicate
12. Credential Crazy
13. What You See Isn't What You Get
14. Abortion
15. Assorted Insanity
16. Women With Money
17. Money Spoils Women
18. Our Goofy Legal System
19. The Mosaic Code
20. If You Want More Than One...
21. Prison Hustlers
Appendix 1 John Milton on Marriage
Appendix 2 John Milton on Divorce
Appendix 3 Technical Ropes of Immigration
Appendix 4 Survival Spanish

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